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Informations about an English Artillery Fuze


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Do you have, please some informations about this fuse ?

I think it may be used for a "Star Shell" , perhaps for the Navy ??

Thank you,

Regards from France


  • fuzeGB.jpg
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Looks like a No 199 fuze.

I know it whas used on the 3" smoke mortar BE


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    No 199.jpg
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hi KZ 11 Gr
It's a No198 identical to No199 but only for Royal Navy's shell Star
A another fuze,the No198 C is the same with short intrusion.
A Plus
Jean Paul
N199 is used on 3.7 in QF Gun AA
HE shell Mk IC , 2C, 3C, 4C foil ; HE Shell Mk V C; Mk VII C with fuze 199 and gaine N11
Also on Practice shell Mk I C, 2C DEC, 1T, 2T
Also used on 4.5 inHE AA shell and sometime on 6 in and 9.2 in
fuze 199

I have a 198 III N fuze and it is somewhat different to the 199 shown, it has a thread around the lower edge to take a screw on cover and is all brass. 2pr
Here is a diagram of the 198 fuze.



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    No 198 FUZE.jpg
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