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L116 Proximity Fuze


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Just bought this off specialistauctions, can anyone point me to any info on these? Used on 155 howitzer?

It is marked L116A1, TGC 87 (Thorn ?) and CY 87 (Chorley). I guess from the above that it has been filled at one time - clearly now empty - see pic.

I am wondering whether to make it into a cutaway but it would save time if I had a hint where best to cut ...

Alternatively does anyone know how to power it up ?:biggrin:



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only cutaway i have found so far


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L116 is known as the Multi Role Fuze (MRF) as it could be fitted to any calibre of shell (different models of fuze were normally used for different calibres as a traditional proximity fuze used the shell as an antenna) As an exammple the US M513 proximity fuze could be fired with 75mm or 105mm but gave a higher burst with 105mm and therefore should have been fitted with a desensitizing ring).

Has no external time rings and is set with the Fuze Setter Ellectronic (FSE), which can set, or check fuze settings on a fuze.

MRF is still used with both 105mm and 155mm HE shells in UK service and was even compatible with 203mm (8").

It has variable sensitivity to allow height of burst to be adjusted to standards of 0.9m, 9m & 18m over meadowland. Useful when firing over deep snow with poor signal returns or wet sand with good reflections.

L116 has a point detonating firing circuit giving a back up in the event of the proximity function failing. This an extremely quick acting function, which produces less cratering than traditional point detonating fuzes.

Entered service in the late 1980s. Thorn-EMI and Royal Ordnance Factory Chorley were involved in production. This a sister to the L132 Electronic Time Fuze (ETF).