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LAW thingy for sale.


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Afternoon Chaps!! Doing a bit of surfin and came across this,, any good to anyone.

Stop press!!

My pal Mick sold his LAW 80 rocket yesterday for 60.
bloody good condition too!

Just one problem waff the law 80 is a different sized weapon and micks rocket would not have fitted these
Saved by the sell!!:laugh: last time i bought somthing i knew nothing
about it gave be grief for a while....
Ok spotter,
thanks for the heads-up on that.
I must say though that those launchers sound cheap for what you get!


Yes they seem a nice price and look complete ,...anyone want a section creating for tip offs on good buys that may interest members
Ill set this up shortly as ive already spoken to another member privately about this who suggested it a few days ago...onto it now