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legal advice needed

bazooka chris

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hi ya everybody

hopefully on this forum we might have a legal expert does anybody know where i stand legally, my boss due to slow sales at the moment is possibly going to make us go on a 4 day week 32 hours. instead of my usual 5 days 40 hours as obveoulsy that will be quite a pay cut over the month and especially with the little nipper on the way due in june i cant really afford to do it and especially with just buying a new car before christmas can a boss just do that and get away with it ? or is he breaking some sort of law ? as my contract states 40 hour week any help will be greatly appreciated cheers

from chris
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Hi Chris
Some of the car makers are closing down for several months , but are paying their salary , as normal.are you sure your boss is going to cut your pay?
i believe unemployment benefit is only 72 per week (basic) not sure what planet this government expect a married person to live on and pay their council tax too.
look at employment law on hm government web site or google employment law

agree with fuzeman have a good look at the .gov. info on the net there is loads of stuff but basicly short of actually shooting you most bosses can get away with what they want so long as they follow the proceedure laid down. also you get 60.50 a week if single and that lasts for 6 months that fly by in todays climate. me bitter? not really.
best wishes to you Chris
Been on short time for months and we had to sign a temp contract allowing the boss to cut our hours.
At least its still a regular wage so i would think you are lucky compared to some!
I get naff all living on my jack and no nippers.You may be able to claim with the nipper en route?

best of luck

hi guys

Thanks for the advice and especially that link. i see at the bottom of it theres a number you can ring them on for advice will try giving it a ring, but the boss still wont let us know if its actually going to happen yet or not so theres still possibly hope it wont or i am sure he would have done it by now if things were really that bad as the longer he waits the worse things become i will keep you posted cheers

From chris
Chris get on the blower and find out the legality of his proposition before he springs it on you that way you will know where you stand before / if it happens and if hes in the wrong get stuck in and dont take any s**t , I have worked for the worst of the worst and learnt fast not to put up with it. Theres a breed of employer who just loves it when the employees just roll over and play dead.
And if the worst happens keep a positive attitude, do some ringing around for work and AIM HIGH never under estimate your self.
Good luck mate!

Andrew MG34NZ