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Lightning quick reflexes


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I think you'll like this one.

He's a shot I took at some tank range where some kind of round was fired from some tank.

I did this on first attempt hand-held with my new Casio Camcorder deluxe I got from a Christmas cracker.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhziHK-w8Ug"]YouTube- mrm[/ame]

I reckon i didn't do too bad, considering the speed i had to turn around.


ps...sorry i couldnt be arsed to read how to put the video inside the message.....bloody technology ehh!! </video [on/off]>...or somut!
Yep, that sure is some camera you have there !!
What was it that broke off the round just after firing as I saw nothing other than what appered to ba few covers blow off??
Nice footage !:woohoo: