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Long delay fuze " Lg.Z.Zdr. 17 "


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Hello together,
I want to shear some pics of the very rare Gr.Z.04 body, which was modified as a chemical long delay fuze for sabotage purposes. The nomenclature of it is " Lg.Z.Zdr.17 ". The fuze incorporates a spring loaded striker system, which is held by a wire in the safe position. Before using, the copper tank is filled with sulphuric acid and the fuze is than inserted in an existing HE-filled projectile. (or ammo pile etc.). The acid will eat up the wire in a certain given time which will release the striker, thus detonating the primer, deto, booster charge and HE-filler of the projectile. The only outer distinguishing markings is a "star" type symbol on top of the fuze and the red colored booster housing.
Enjoy the images
Mrfuze, USA


  • Lg.Zt.Z.17, 1, GE.jpg
    Lg.Zt.Z.17, 1, GE.jpg
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  • Lg.Zt.Z.17, 1, GE (6).jpg
    Lg.Zt.Z.17, 1, GE (6).jpg
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  • Lg.Zt.Z.17, 1, GE (2).jpg
    Lg.Zt.Z.17, 1, GE (2).jpg
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  • Lg.Zt.Z.17, 1, GE (4).jpg
    Lg.Zt.Z.17, 1, GE (4).jpg
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  • Lg.Zt.Z.17, 1, GE (1).jpg
    Lg.Zt.Z.17, 1, GE (1).jpg
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Hi Erhard Thats a very interesting fuze , were many made do you know?
Thank you Mr. Fuze
A very rare "fuze",
Some additional precision
It is more a device of stake of fire than a fuze, with delays of 1 2 -24 and 72 hours, according to the acid light bulb.
There was another model who had the shape of a L.W.M. 2Z.
This device were used to activate destruction during folds
A drawing

Au revoir
Jean Paul
Contrary to what was said in some publications, there are two possibilities of identifying this long delay fuze
The first is of course the star stamping on the nose but on a corroded fuze the principal sign is the absence of the latch-tightening screw of nose between the two openings of the factitious pin.
This german ww1 fuze is rather current in collection
Another type of long delay fuze Gr Z 04 from ESAM museum


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....and the Z.s.u.m.W.M also!!!!!

Here some images from the 3rd of these line of long delay fuzes, the Z.s.u.m.W.M. which incorporates identical construction to the others!
Thanks all of you for the further info about the Lg.Zt.Zdr.17!
Mrfuze, USA


  • Z.s.u.m.WM.Zdr. sabotage, 1a, GE,.jpg
    Z.s.u.m.WM.Zdr. sabotage, 1a, GE,.jpg
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  • Z.s.u.m.WM.Zdr. sabotage, 1b, GE,.jpg
    Z.s.u.m.WM.Zdr. sabotage, 1b, GE,.jpg
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  • Z.s.u.m.WM.Zdr. sabotage, 1c, GE,.jpg
    Z.s.u.m.WM.Zdr. sabotage, 1c, GE,.jpg
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  • Z.s.u.m.WM.Zdr. sabotage, 1d, GE,.JPG
    Z.s.u.m.WM.Zdr. sabotage, 1d, GE,.JPG
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  • Z.s.u.m.WM.Zdr. sabotage, 1f, GE,.jpg
    Z.s.u.m.WM.Zdr. sabotage, 1f, GE,.jpg
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Again very interesting Erhard.Where did you find the box with fuzes? Was the clean fuze in same condition as those in the box originally?
Hi Richard,
no the box is a recovery of the Belgian EOD 5 years ago.
I couldn't manage to get it! :tinysmile_cry_t3:
The good fuze in the images I made at APG in Maryland 2 years ago.
So that leaves me with.......none of them!!! :tinysmile_cry_t4::tinysmile_cry_t3:
Mrfuze, USA
There is a picture of this 1917 pattern long delay fuze in Ian Jones book Malice aforethought a History of Booby traps
German Long Delay

Photo from an example in the the Belgian Army Museum, Brussels.


  • Long Delay 2.jpg
    Long Delay 2.jpg
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