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Lookinf for 108 & 109


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I'm looking for pictures of fuzes No.108 and N109 English.
As of documentation or sketches.
In advance thank you, it's for EOD training.


N108 is similar to N100 without Gaine G2 replaced by gun powder magazine
N109 is similar to N102 without Gaine G2 replaced by gun powder magazine
N109 E is similar to N101 E with a shutter
Used only for 60Pdr chemical shell with Diaphragm system
There aren't stamp with the new Number fuze and the hold number was'nt crossed of


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Thank you Doctor


Thank you Doctor for such information and photos.
If you have one day the opportunity to have a photo with the stamp 108 and 109, I'll be the lessee.
In thanking you again.


I'm sorry,
We'll never found it
The marks 108 and 109 never meet, it is always the marks of the original using fuze which are stamping.
For example, the fuze N 183 for illuminating shell is marked 83 and not 183 It is practically always so, and the fuze for this shell is a 83 wuithout percussion system