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Looking for detailed diagrams of the M525 head, esp the arming delay mechanism


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I'm looking for detailed drawings for the M525 head. I would like to disassemble one and am hoping to do so without damaging it so that I can reassemble it after. I found this picture of a manual page that looks close to the m525, but it's not very clear and I'm hoping there are other drawings in that same manual, or in others that are specifically for the m525


If anyone has any experience with disassembling/reassembling this fuze I would also appreciate any advice in how to do it.

Can't help you with details, but I've got this.

Fuze, M525 001.jpg Fuze, M525 001 (583x800).jpg

You can enlarge the first pic by clicking on it and then click again.
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Slick, Thanks for that, I had found that image on the web, but it doesn't have much detail on the actual head part. Hoping someone out there has more info. If not I'll figure it out the hard way and post what I find for anyone else that might need the info.. :)


I got the m525 fuze in today and discovered that the slider and slider spring are missing.. :( Does anyone know if that part has to be destroyed as part of the de-milling process? (I'm in the U.S. and purchased the fuze from a U.S. seller.)



Note I'm not talking about the safety pin that is normally ejected when the round is fired, but the internal part that slides over after the safety pin is ejected (and the arming delay mechanism releases it on the m525).

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