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mark 2 grenade fuzes, dates?


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can anyone tell me the dates these fuzes were used on the US mark2, the first one is m200a1 stamped in the metal then it has m10a3 ink stamped over it. the second is a m10a3, they are both the older style with long handles thanks.
igniting fuze, not detonating

The M200 stamped over by M10A3 is an igniting fuze and therefore only used with the Mk2 grenade that was filled with EC blankfire powder.
IF it was once fitted to an Mk2, it might mave been used up to about 1945 I believe. At the end of the war lots of Mk2's were in service filled with flaked TNT (M6 det.fuze) and the igniting fuze became obsolete for the Mk2, as the TNT filled type needed a detonating fuze.
Igniting fuzes were (from that time on) only used for smoke and chemical grenades.

Does this help?