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Minenwerfer fuse

Pictured is a Minenwerfer fuse I got from specialist auctions a few months back. The fuse is not dated like most of the Minenwerfer fuses are. This is for one of the larger minenwerfers which some were made before the war (the smaller 76mm minenwerfer did not start production until after the war started. I'm wondering since this fuse is not dated does that likely mean that it was made before the war started? Dano


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hi dano

I am also not realy clear about your Fuze it is a S.u.M.W.M Fuze forSchwere und mittlere Wurmine
Also the material what he is made of it is not the normal standrt for this kind of fuze normaly he should made of steel and not of bras !
Maybe it is realy a early version of this kind of fuze ??

Regards David


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My little part of Trench mortar Fuze
Picture 1:
on right, ZsWM for 25 cm WM, original fuze M1913 for first Bomb
2 on left, Zm WM only in brass dated1915 & ZsumWM1916
in the middle, ZsumWM with different cap, only in brass
ZsumWM long time 25s,
on top left to right: 1 with selecting screwing pin for stopping or not the striker on impact, cap in Zamac, name on cap
2 with zamac cap and one aluminium plate, name on plate
3 with steel cap, name on cap
4 with different zamac cap, name on plate
5 with different steel cap, name on plate
Picture 3:21 s fuzes
1 ZmWM with steel cap
2 in middle, ZsumWM with different steel cap,name on plate
3 on left ZsumWM, steel cap and name on cap ; in middle steel cap painted red and stopping striker pin name on plate, on right different steel cap an name on it


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Wonderful collection, display and explanation! Very informative.

Man I love this place. I have found more information here in days than I could find in years outside this forum. Thanks to alll..Dano Doctor, i'm just drooling over all those minenwerfer fuses and Dave I translated to large and medium Wurmine so I can only assume that Wurmine is same as minenwerfer?
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The heavy 25cm minenwerfer is brought into service in 1913 as well as the conception of the first fuze ZsWM 1913 for 25 cm mine
then will come the ZmWM fuze for 17 cm mines, 17cm MW brought into service in 1912
To finish, appear the mixed fuzes ZsumWM for all the gauges of mines 17cm, 25 cm WM, 18 cm Gas gl WM, 16 cm and 24 cm S Fl M

yes Dano thats right the german spelling schwere und mittlere Wurfmine means in english large and medium size Mine

Regards David