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model 1907 M


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found this on an old range these were mixed with a bunch of Model 1914-15 4.7IN fuzes and 45 Cal lead shot and various shells and pusher plates.
Model of 1907 Scoville

That 1907 scoville appears to be in pretty good shape, even has the shell adaptor. If the adaptor is 2 11/16in. across thread base then it fits the 3 inch shell, if adaptor is 2 5/8in. across thread base it fits the 75mm shell. Dano
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I have found different fuzes on different ranges. On the older fuzes they are just marked MODEL 1907 M at a different Camp they are marked scoville model 1907 M. does the scoville Model 1907 predate the MODEL 1907 M?
Scoville is just the manufacturer

I think the fuse and model remains the same. They made a lot of 37mm 1Pdr subcaliber projectiles also. Always well marked and well made.