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More bad press for the hobby


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I the Metro Newspaper (a free newspaper given out on the tube) yesterday, in an article about the "Baby P" case, it made a point of saying that the mother's boyfriend who was also involved in the child abuse was "a keen collector of nazi memerobilia". In what way is that relevant to the case?

I have seen a few things like this in the news over time, all it does is worsen the public opinion of militaria collectors.
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Be professional in all that you do and it will not bite. Dependent on crime the press will seek anything to sell papers. I shoot pistols and rifles in the UK and that attracts bad press
Dont worry about it,
The `gutter-press` always find something to pin on you.
They have just added that on,about whoever the guy is,just to stoke the flames.

Jeez!,I hope i never get in bother with my `Nazi` collection!
I have a clean record and intend to keep it that way but i collect said memoribilia so does that make me a bad guy?



I know it will not affect me personally, but it causes the public to brand anyone who collects militaria (they often think you collect "nazi stuff" just with the mention of collecting military items) is a child abusing maniac.

I also know all too well that the press will look for anything to pin someone on.

I shoot pistols and rifles in the UK and that attracts bad press.

How do you manage this?

I shoot as well, I know how much bad press that attracts.
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Because it's easy for a newspaper to print down text on paper, even if it is complete nonsens. Even if rectified afterward the irreversable damage is allready done and public opinion is influenced negatively beyond repair.
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