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My new trailer hitch cover

Jolly Green

Well-Known Member
Claymore a go-go

Hey jolly Green, that's the first time i've seen a hitch cover like that, that's awesome, can you clue me in where I can find one?? Dano
Hi priced cover

I definately like it, it is ok to have in my state, but too damn expensive for my blood!! Dano
It would look even better if you take a piece of flat electrical wire and ran into the fuze well with the other end up under the truck bed.

It would definitely hold the attention of any cop that parked behind you.
The guy selling them is offering them to BOCN members for $50 shipped. All you need to do is mention my name which is John Dziza.
Thats the best I could do.

I like the wire idea Haz.;)