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Mystery Fuze Cover

Unknown fuze cover wants for identification. It is the one on the left (next to a dug up 1916 No80 cover). It is 2 1/4" x 4". The edge of the opening has traces of solder around it. The inside is darkly aged like maybe it has been buried. No markings that I can find. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Fuze cover ?

Are you sure that it is a fuze cover-it looks more like a very old "Ballistic" cap even though it is very unusual for them to be made from Brass.
Hi Chris. I hadnt thought about it being a ballistic cap cause Ive never seen a brass BC befor. Havent seen many fuze caps for that matter either but the ones I have are about the same gauge of brass and have that trace of solder around the edge. There are brass ballistic caps? I got this from a dealer of UK militaria and other than that cant say anything more for sure.
Ballistic Caps

Hi FNG61, yes there were some rounds fitted with "Brass" Ballistic caps, but they are very very rare indeed, I think it was more of an "Experimental" thing back in the early 20s/30s I believe, the use of them was stopped fairly quickly as they were expensive and easily damaged resulting in poor accuracy on firing.
If memory serves me correctly the main trials were with 47 mm (3 Pr ?)
I suppose this could be a ballistic cap. That crimp down by the edge would answer to keep it pasted in place. Something else to research. Now to start a new thread; "Mystery Ballistic Cap" and see what the experts have to say. Maybe there are some at this site.
Sorry I can't provide supporting info/pictures but hopefully this will steer you in the correct direction. I think this is the cap from a British 2 inch rocket (z battery?). The cap was crimped on to a cylindrical steel piece about three inches long with large holes in the side. I have one somewhere and If I locate it I will post a picture.


Not really my field but I have found this picture of a British 2 inch Naval ? flare rocket. The drawing in the middle has a cap on it very similar to the one in question, if it is WW2, it could well be brass. Tony.


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Protecting cup

The little removal security brass cup is for N80 Time & Percussion GB Fuze used on 13 ad 18 pdr shells
It's remove before firing and setting fuze.