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naval ejector 1945


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hi guys, any thoughts on the enclosed? Its 1.25 inches tall, 2.25 in dia. and has a V shaped vent that stands above the center tube(not shown).

The stamping reads EJECTOR No 7 I.N M.B./45 105 CY 6-45

Is it some sort of hedgehog discharger? cheers, Dave


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No idea !

That is an interesting item you have.

I note from the photograph that the body towards the top has a small radial round recess cut into it, could that be for either an "O" ring or perhaps where a tube was "crimped" on at some point ?

Is the centre solid or "drilled" through ?

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
hi Chris, yes probably for a sealing ring. The base in concave and the centre is drilled through, you can just make out where the V shaped vent has been broken off - it appears to be made of a ceramic material. If I can find the V shaped bit I'll post a pic. It almost looks as if it could be an initiator for a bag charge but as far as I know all hedgehog, squid, depth charge projectors used a cased charge. Dave

here it is with the V piece in place. The V is not ceramic but copper (it was dirty!) There are 4 flash holes in the V piece, at the ends and at the foot of each arm. Dave


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Strange item

Thanks for the info Rickoshae
For some reason I have a "B" in my bonnet that this is something to do with launching "torpedo's" although most were fired/propelled from there tubes by compressed air.

I do vaguely remember seeing something where a sailor was screwing in something that looked like a largish cartridge case with an external screw thread ?

Someone here will know what it is !

Cy ?

Yes waff CY 6-46 was filled at "Chorley" on the 6th month 1945 !

The factory WAS down the road from you !

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
Cheers Chris,
Thought it was that.
I shall start another thread in the other forum shortly as ive a picture somewhere of one of the only buildings left.