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nein post,mein host !!!!


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On a number of occasions now when attempting to post a new thread I've been completely stumped by the following. "Your submission could not be processed because you have logged in since the previous page was loaded".I don't think that I'm doing anything any different,sometimes this happens,sometimes it doesn't.For all the joy I've had so far in getting out of it,I might just as well be instructed to beam up to the Starship Enterprise,back button has no effect and there doesn't seem to be any way of reloading previous page as suggested.What am I doing wrong???
I'm not doing anything any different,it seems to happen randomly.The only thing I've wondered is whether some kind of time factor comes into play? If I waffle on at length,dimensions,markings etc etc this takes me some time with my one finger typing,that's mostly when it seems to happen.A picture speaks a thousand words indeed!!!
It could be that your automatically logged off/out after a set amount of time if you've not changed page?
If you've been typing for a while i'd advise you to make a copy of your text before you try and post, that way if you get the message "Your submission could not be processed because you have logged in since the previous page was loaded" you've still got all your work.

The session timeout on the site was set to 30 minutes. If no action carries out within 30 minutes, then the next action must be that of logging in again..

So what I've done is increased this up to 1 hour which I hope should irradicate any issues in this area.

Many thanks,Bolo and Quatermass,the time factor would seem to have been the problem.I don't actually help matters by still being on page one of the idiots guide to computer operation!!!
On that theme I've just received a PM from Hazord,if you read this,John,I haven't ignored your message but I couldn't remember how to reply to these,and only managed to delete it.I did manage to reply to the first PM I ever received,but I don't know how I did it!!!Funnily enough it asked the same question,I'm not related to Leslie Thurston as far as I know,and I too have a copy of the excellent book he wrote with Ian Hogg!!!