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New Moderator "Bomb Fuzes"


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Id like to welcome Fuzeman as a new moderator in the "Bomb Fuzes" section,im sure you will all agree he is the right person for this section.
Thank you steve for accepting this position your help is really appreciated
Congrats. We should start our own Mods clubhouse somewhere, perhaps behind the "deleted posts" store where we can celebrate.
Hi Everyone
Many thanks for your kind remarks , as some of you allready know ive been off work for the past year ! what has kept my moral up and sanity is contributing to this excellent site , and of course the many friends i have made along the way .
I would nt want this site to change ! This site really is the friendliest of the ordnance sites on the internet , where everyne is willing to give help and advise , to old and new members
I feel very proud to be offered this post ,Thank you all .
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Many thanks Andy any more thoughts about bomb fuzes ?
Hi John
Consultancy fees what consultancy fee ! i thought i had to pay .