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No 80 Fuse

This was a Krupp designed fuze that the British made under license. The contract was commenced in 1902 for a period of 15 years (if I remember correctly a royalty of one shilling for every fuze) Obviously the contract covered the first three years of the Great War and naturally we didn't pay the Royalties to Krupp. However, post war (~ 1926) Krupp sued Vickers for lost royalties (from memory ~350K), which was eventually settled out of court.

Thanks to all for the info :) how many different types of marks were they i think i read somewhere they were 16, has anybody got a cover for one for sale :laugh:
Does anyone have a cutaway diagram of the No. 80 Mk IV A fuse that they can post? I have a beaten up (though strippable) example of this fuse that I am thinking of making into a cutaway.
Hi falcon
I join you a picture and a diagram of the cutaway of N80 the internal organization of the differents N80 fuze is the same only metals change
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Indeed this fuze is a N80 with the percussion unit removed for the antiaircraft use and insertion of a block of wood
Numerous fuzes were so modified for AA use as N65-65 A-80-80B-83-.85-87-.88 To become N165-164A-180-180B-183-185-187-188-188M
These fuzes are on blue T stencilled on the body
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jean Paul
I know I'm digging up a rather old post, but does anyone have a cut-away pic of the No. 80 Mk VII? Also, how exactly did it function in both Igniferous Time and Point Detonating?