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No more sending by Royal Mail



OK everyone,
after what's happened to me at work today over sending INERT ordnance to Richard B,
I will no longer send anything ordnance related by RM.

Work didn't take too kindly to a policeman coming to interview me!

Intrigued now Andy!
When the Israeli grenade was delivered to me, that was by RM. A notice adorned the package stating 'Not By Air' a smaller sticker had details of the contents and that simply said 'item Description: Hand Grenade de-act' The person delivering it did give me a strange look while waiting for me to sign.
No one has knocked on the door about it yet though!
Andy thats unlucky,but you can understand why they have to be carefull about stuff in the post these days,I also learned my lesson the hard way,My fault poorly packaged and no labeling of contents,didnt even put sender adress on it,,,wife spent most of the day liasing between me (was away working) and the CID who traced me through the destination adress
Holy crap!,

i wouldn`t like the plod coming round here! lol.:unsure:
Andy,i will have to arrange a meet with you about that item i want off you then.....;)


Ok chaps what is the correct way to do it? I have 3 parcels sat on the shelf to be sent by RM tommorrow one is a 6 pdr case, 1 is a pom pom shell, and the last is a box with 27mm mauser prac round,2 x 50 cal drill and pom pom case.Do i mark parcels as inert, list items on a sticker or say nowt?HELP!!!!
Hi Tony,

I would say nothing!
I think the main reason my parcel was stopped was because it was sent by special delivery,as a high number of these are x-rayed,why I don't know!!

Cheers Andy,thats probably the best bet,ive sent inert stuff 40 or 50 times and had no trouble.I think it reinforces the point that you should not mess with anything which is not inert,and definitely not have it in your collection.Plus its legal to own(for now),Many thanks.
So is it wise then to put a note in every package saying `Inert` and your own address?:huh:


Couldnt hurt,as mentioned before the authorities can trace the sender via the addressee,im gonna carry on sending stuff as ive nowt to hide.(George Orwells 1984 is slowly becoming a reality!)Tony.