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No125 Fuze time Mk1


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mmmmm have i got bad information on this fuze...my List of fuzes say it was introduced into service in 1938 and Obsolete in 1949,But in the notes about it ,it says its a \"non issued design canclled 1939\" can anyone expand on this...
The mystery of N°125
I know this list of GB fuze.
In the book of IV Hogg and LF Thurston \"British Artillery Weapons WW1\" she does not appear in the list of fuzes, but we find her in ammunition data equipping the 2pdr Pom Pom shells Various documents describes her as being able to have risen on 2 inch Apple toffee .
These two ammunitions were in service during the WW1 for a fuze introduced into service in 1938, its a big mystery
Various documents

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Hello kz11gr..
Have found this on my computer,not sure if its what i originally posted but hope its ok for you