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Northern members.


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I see some of our lads are from just North of Carlisle.
One of you mentioned the place called Longtown?

Im sure the remains of 747 `Clipper Maid of The Seas`were stored at RAF Longtown after the Lockerbie disaster back in 1988?

Are they still there even after all these years?


hi waff :tinysmile_shy_t:
i havent a clue to your question??
maybe LCplcombat might know .
DM Longtown (Defence Munitions Longtown) is an Army depot not RAF or more correctly it's civillian :). It was run by the army(Royal Army Ordnance Corps and from 1993 Royal Logistics and then handed over to civilian control, probably as a money saving exercise. There was an RAF Carlisle but it is no more. There was also 14 MU (Maintenance Unit) (RAF stores), but that closed down as well.

When the Maid of the Seas was brought down over Lockerbie I was serving at 4 Ordnance Battalion HQ in Herford in Germany. I worked in the Combat Supplies office as a clerk. My job title on establishment was LCpl Combat :) and my boss was an Ammo Tech Major. I didn't get to do much, just shuffling paper around. When my COs driver was busy elsewhere I was lemoned to act as Staff Car driver. No bad thing, he had a star plate on the front :). One morning I had to pick him up from his home and take him to work. At the appointed time I knocked on his front door to let him know I was there and returned to the car. The first thing he said when he got in the back seat was a 747 had crashed into Lockerbie. It was one of those "Where were you when " moments.

A few years later I worked for a parcel delivery company. One of the routes I had included CAD Longtown (Central Ammunition Depot, as it was then) and I got to enter some of the store sheds although not the one containing the plane, as far as I am aware. I had heard that the 747 had been recovered and transported to Longtown to be forensically rebuilt and stored. As far as I am aware it is still there. The whole Lockerbie thing is still an important event and every small addition to the story is reported on the Local News programme.

hi LCpicombat
i have a whole pile of goodies from MU munitions unit i found on a farm someone had bought this at auction when the place closed this encluded
9" long periscopes from vulcon bombers in original packing crates
marked hawker and sidley wave anilisers wave generators.
40 boxes of bacalite hand held mics, radar screens from nimrods
raf dinghy morse code typewriters ,
snow skies military helmets gas masks ,etc
(got carried away there forgot this is not swap section )
this guy bought the stuff and left it in his outbuildings for years till i met his daughter. she just wanted rid of the stuff as her father had died
i paid her 100 for the lot :tinysmile_shy_t: PS happy hunting
took three van loads and two days to open all the crates,
took a pile of goodies to local aviation museam they were over the moon
im in there good books .
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Thats the sort of stuff I dream of finding. Except for WWII stuff :p The other reenactment impression that I am creating is a stores display using original or recreated packaging. If you look on ebay you see loads of RAF stuff in boxes but not much army stuff. Its sooo annoying.
I really should have put `Question for Northern members` in the topic title.
Thanks for your replies on the remains question at Longtown.
I reckon the 747 is still there,maybe more evidence of the atrocity will come to light as forensics improves over time?
armystuff,if you have anything up for grabs then please feel free to list in sales/swaps.

northern members

hi waff sorry mate
got carried away with LCplcombat talking about mu munitions reminded me of my goodie hoard at farm ,
maybe we should have a section of our own for nothern members ??lol :tinysmile_shy_t: (ONLY JOCKING)
only jocking about swaping stuff just because i had mentioned so many goodies i said that for laugh,
my sence of humour???:xd:
regards arnystuff
PS wont happen again boss
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No worries armystuff,im just trying to keep the thread clean as i wanted info on the remains of the 747.

As for your question of a Northern members section?,thats a big no-no mate as we are all in one big club!
No North/South divide here thanks!
Back on topic,does anyone have any more info on the original question?