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!!!!!!! NTL/VIRGIN BLOCK BOCN !!!!!!!!


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I am truely stunned and I know the title of this thread sounds like a typical media \"exaggerate and sensationalize\" line....however, at this point in time, I believe this to be TRUE and therefore extremely upsetting.

About an hour ago, AndyD phoned me on my way home from work with a problem from his PC...namely, he couldnt access BOCN or WK2AMMO and hoped I could rectify it.

After a few tests, i was able to determine his pc was fine, but access to BOCN and WK2AMMO was blocked. Since other websites worked fine, I asked him who he used for Internet access. He used VIRGIN MEDIA. I subsequently asked him if he had any friends that also used VIRGIN MEDIA. He did, and they also couldnt access BOCN or WK2AMMO. I've subsequently asked my bother-in-law, who uses NTL Cable ...guess what, he also can't access BOCN or WK2AMMO.

Personally, I used an excellent small ISP called IDNET, as they promise never to block Internet Services or perform Web content filtering. I have unrestricted access to BOCN and WK2AMMO

AndyD is now trying to call VIRGIN MEDIA, to see what the problem is, but it is conceivable that w/o this being a mistake in policy. He will not be able to access BOCN or WK2AMMO w/o getting a BT telephone line and another Internet Service.

I will say right now....that this hasn't been confirmed, but at this point... 3 separate people...all using NTL/VIRGIN CABLE are unable, interntionally or otherwise to get access to these two fabulous sites.

I am utterly disgusted if this is the case..and this is appalling sensorship


ps. Another way around tihs is to use a proxy website site to obfuscate the website you are trying to reach...but be warned, these sites also aren't all honourable, so use at your own risk.
Hi Richard,

why would they do that?.
Are they trying to do an `ebay` and say that these collectibles/sites are not `suitable`:angry:


That is very interesting. I - the admin@bocn have had no notification from Virgin that they have blocked the site. I suggested earlier to Andy for the time being to access the site using a proxy such as http://www.sitesurf.net/ which will allow you to access the site indirectly, bypassing the ridiculous ISP rules until this is resolved.
!!!!!!! BOCN NOT WORKING on VIRGIN/NTL !!!!!!!!

Ok, guys.....I might have over reacted, due to my conditioning in the cynical world we live in....however

I have dug some more, and believe it might be a DNS corruption inside NTL/Virgin's network....which is pointing the request for www.BOCN.co.uk to an incorrect IP address. YAWN, yawn, yes I know. I explained this to teh techies in NTL who are looking into this, and if im right, access to BOCN and WK2AMMO may return.

They are calling me back tomorrow.....but pray im right, and its not an over zealous ex eBay policy writer with a grudge against inert ordnance.

Ill update with news when i get it.....or when the NTL/Virgin guys get back in

Did Virgin give you a response yet?....or are they pretending nothing happened?
I never managed to get through to them mate.

It's thanks to you that they got to hear about it,I owe you one!

I think a nice round of applause is due here for Richardb here..This is what i like about this site members supporting and helping each other wherever psssible..thank you for your effort Richard
I lost access that day as well and I'm with Tesco. I thought waffenamt may have crashed the system!:laugh:
:laugh: Nowt to do with me my man!

Ive started posting after a long time off being bogged down with work etc.


Hi Guys.....glad to see those who were blocked, are back in.

I apologise about the over-reaction of websites being blocked...Sadly I do believe it is coming at some point.
I say this when you consider eBays recent policy decisions, serivces like skype (and others) already being blocked by some ISP's, and finally the fact that plenty of internet services and websites already being throttled in favour of others....all without our knowledge.

As for Tesco's internet being down...I suspect that they simply buy and re-sell their Internet service from NTL, and it was NTLs DNS servers that were troublesome.

Happy to help