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Obsolete Calibre Weapons.


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Hello All,I expect that more than a few forum members have collections that include weapons of one sort or another,and I'm wondering if anyone has had any kind of problem with obsolete calibre pieces.I ask,because I've recently added a M1879 Reichsrevolver to my collection,a fully functional firearm that I may legally own due to it being of obsolete calibre.There is a Home Office list of considerable length detailing a great many other calibres that enjoy similar status.All of these are quite legal as long as they are owned as curios or ornaments,although it does seem that the possession of even blank ammunition that would fit the piece concerned is regarded as intent to use it other than as a curio.All in all,it seems to be a rather grey area,and I ask myself if there are any other potential pitfalls I should take steps to avoid.I certainly wouldn't want it to be seen by any casual passer by,the Police seem to shoot first and ask questions later these days!!!
obsolete weapons

I think the laws vary from state to state, but here in the US in my area you can own any firearm that is at least 100 yrs old without a FFL (Federal Firearms License) and the curio thing applies. Pictured are 3 old guns I have. First is a French .70 cal pinfire double barrel pistol side by side (1850's I think (talk about obsolete ammo)). Next is a remington arms .32 cal 5 shot single action revolver (not obsolete ammo) that is known over here as a "farmers gun" (1880ish) because they were so cheap a farmer could affore to have one around for protection. Lastly is a nickel plated 1882 Belgian factory sawed off double barrel side by side known here as a "stagecoach gun" Dano
P.S. "Doc Holliday" used a Belgian sawed off double barrel side by side shotgun in Tombstone Arizona in 1881's "Gunfight at the OK Corral"


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As far as the UK is concerned, the obsolete calibre list is a concession by the Home Office that certain calibres of firearms may be kept purely as curios. Ownership of any live ammunition that fits the firearm obviously negates that.
Although no FAC is required for blanks up to 1" in calibre, this is also a concession within the Firearms Act and does not mean that blanks are not ammunition within the meaning of the act.

Thus to have an obsolete calibre weapon and blank ammunition would almost certainly be regarded as an offence.

Apart from that, it is an offence to have a firearm in a public place without good cause, so if you must take it out to show your pals make sure it is well concealed in a briefcase or other closed bag.

Even with an FAC, I am always very cautious when loading rifles into the car to go to Bisley, even if they are in gun cases, as a member of the public could always press the panic button and the "men in black" turn out.

When the great government theft of our pistols took place ten years ago, I elected to surrender a couple of pistols I could have kept as I had live ammunition for them in my collection and the ammo collection was the more important to me.

Firstly,Hi,Dano,very nice pieces you have there,I'm not really sure,having concerned myself solely with old military calibres,but I think .32 calibre is regarded as obsolete over here.This,despite the fact it might be available in the US and perhaps elsewhere,the concession allowed does not seem to assume that the ammunition concerned is no longer available,just unlikely to turn up here in the UK.In fact,if I remember correctly the list of calibres regarded as obsolete acknowledges that some may still exist in some quantity.

I'm not planning on taking my Reichsrevolver anywhere,Tony,or showing it, or any other pieces I may yet acquire,to anyone.Recent events make me think that doing so is a very bad idea.As you say even perfectly legal FAC holders like yourself need to exercise some caution.The men in black just see a person with a weapon,even a crossbow is regarded as a deadly device it seems,although in fairness to them it undoubtably could be.You just don't really expect to get shot dead if you're waving one about though
obsolete ammo

Absolutely, My guns are mounted on my wall and only come down when I discretely play with them. The wife and I have a close circle of friends and they and family of course are the only ones to see them. Don't brandish what you don't want taken away, stay a tad discreet and things will be fine. Dano
Quite so,Dano,I fear I may have been a purveyor of duff information regarding .32 calibre,having checked,I'd better rephrase that to "some" .32 calibres are regarded as obsolete here.During my latest search for a Montenegrin Gasser revolver,I've seen a multitude of .320 Bulldogs,.32 rimfire and various others,your Remington piece may well be something different that's not included on our obsolete list.
.32 cal. ammo

Yeah, I can get ammo for the .32, but the way I see it this gun is old and quite frankly i'd be afraid to fire it! The shotgun has Damascus barrels and the pinfire .70, well, forget it! I don't really like shooting guns and am sure not too good at it. I was at my brothers house a couple of weeks ago (avid shooter and hunter) and rapid fired a whole clip through his Glock (according to him a great pistol) at a beer can and didn't hit the can one time! My brother is a hunter, but me, hell I never killed anything but eating what he kills aint too bad. Gotta go, it's Memorial day here, company coming and I have to flip the wings on the grill....Dano