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Ordnance fans everywhere!!


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Hi Chaps,

im asking all you various ordnance fans to please step up a gear on posting in the Brit,french,US etc,etc sections.
As you know the site is called BOCN and was set up mainly for British ordnance and the like.
Much as im a german ord fan,it would be great to see some old names back in here as well as the new lads contributing.
I will continue on my german ord(i hope you guys do as well!),so please fellas,can we see some more inputs on the other sections too?B)

with best regards

Thanks Waff, feel guilty now lol will compile something over the weekend for monday :) hows that?

:) `preciate it Charl!
Im only trying to keep an even keel on topics across the forums(although i love german stuff mostly!;) )


Personally i want to see more Russian stuff....well today anyway :)
Ill put some Russian tanky stuff on soon.
Thank you Rich,i have a good friend who is into Russian ammo.
i will try to get him on board asap.B)


Hi Waff,I felt like saying a while back that it was rapidly becoming the GOCN,sad really as there are plenty of sites for this already.I dont collect owt but British stuff,but its hard to find in GC,cheers Tony.
Hi T,
good to hear from you again.
Please post away!:)
I have to admit that i didnt know there was any other sites regarding GO?


Hi All would it be possible to have a section on German ordnance that would keep everybody happy :laugh: , i only collect British stuff myself and only a few WW1 German bits :) Andy
Right nobody has mentioned banning anything from here,..
The original post from waff was at my request just to bump the British stuff which seemed to have got lost along the way.I am happy with ord of other nations been posted on here
i changed the site from primarly a british ordnance site at request of members,,iver added categorys at request,some used some not..
I said NO to your request for a german only section..Not NO to posting german ,italian whatever country you want stuff
I am not adding any seperate country sections ,maybe one day when the site is fully established we will have the resources to upgrade it,and add forums for all other countries ,in the sme format as the main forum e.g by country category grenades ,mortars etc .but for now no major changes will be made
I have only been a member on this site for a very short time, and although i have an interest in British ord i am not limited to just that and have found this site to be a great resource for ord of all nations. So much to learn...!
It will be interesting to see how BOCN grows as time moves on, keep up the good work and i look forward to spending time on here.
Please see my last five posts in Bombs, Bomb fuses, Projectiles, Wanted and Mines and feel free Guys to add any comments or extra info you may have, thanks, Tony.
Hi chaps,Hope nobody thought i meant that no german stuff should be on here,im interested in all ordnance,of all ages and from any country, just wish there was more interest in the brit stuff,it might be easier to find 2 pdr fuses! I will post some pics in the near future.:unsure:
Well I know I was one of those members that advocated multi-national input to BOCN, and yes id like to see BOCN become more like a GOCN (G=Global). So Ill apologise to all those that with a different view.

However, I think its important we acknowledge that with any community, there will always be different views, and I think that this site is doing a great job of maintaining everyone's interest. I think this is evident in the growth of the userbase.

If the site owners can continue to develop this site as per current plans, I think this site will be head and shoulders above the rest. So for all those lurkers out there....c'mon, join in and start posting