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quality control


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quality control....if it goes bang its a good one
A good subject; women at work during WW1
boring N°101 fuze in Canada

Pic#2 and 3
Painting French shells


au revoir
jean paul
as you might have noticed, they're not really price-winning beauties...
no other way to get the job?
I wonder what them ladies looked like at the steel ovens...
O tempora o mores
On the pic we see women in suits traditional Breton. The war to licence to the women to become emancipated
When they were sexy they finished very badly


mata hari

au revoir
Jean paul
Let us not forget that the beautiful Mata Hari was dutch!
Finally something to be proud of!

Mais les plus belles femmes sont les Francaises...

God I hope my wife doesn't read this.
Salut, Lex
All the women are beautiful, but the English women are not badly

and the franch women very dangerous

au revoir
jean paul