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have any of you guys bought inert ordnance from America ?
is there problems with this or no problem ,
Armystuff :tinysmile_shy_t:
This depends what you buy and how its wrapped by the sender. If you have you item intercepted by customs to inspect the item ie for vat or to have a nose about etc, then if the item is, say a grenade then the person inspecting will be alarmed and call in the bomb squad, unless the sender has dismantled the device completely and marked that it is free from any compound etc and that it is inert. Those working in customs don't know or any bomb disposal guy doesnt know the history of your item and would assume that your item is live, even though its safe as houses. So have the item packed dismantled and advertise inside that the item is inert. Remember its important that the item has no compound or explosive at all.