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Questions on international shipping of inert projectiles

Brendan Lowell

New Member
Hi I'm new to A) this forum and B) ordnance collecting so if my post is out of place on this section of the forum please tell me and i will be happy to move it to the correct section of the forum and let the moderator delete this one. However my question does concern projectiles. I am trying to get a few rounds and they are all located in the European region as most of my interest is in WWII projectiles that would only makes sense as that's where most of the fighting occurred. My question to you is does anyone know of a safe legal way to get these rounds sent out of Europe and over to my side of the pond because I A) don't want to get anyone in trouble having them brake or bend rules for me or B) cause one of these increasingly rare relics to be destroyed by a government costumes agency destroying items they seam to think are dangerous but are in all reality totally inert and only harmful if you drop it on your toes. Any help or pointers i could get would be highly appreciated also if anyone is aware of the location of a KwK 43, Flak 41, Flak 18/Tiger I round, or a Sherman round that are looking for a new home i would also be very grateful for any information regarding them as well. Thank you all again and have a good day.
Thank you for the reply I really appreciate it. I'm sorry I didn't find the other threads i guess i was just looking in the wrong place and using the wrong keywords.
It might be easier to give you advice on international shipping if you actually listed where you are located in your profile.