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Russian "chinese hat" WW1 fuze

Pictured is a fuze that I have coming on a trade deal. russian WW1 double action 76mm "chinese hat" design dated 11/16 reported to have been found on the Western Front. anything anyone can add to this would be greatly appreciated. Dano


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think these are quite rare to find.
Impact or they have a zero to 30 second fuse.
Think these were for bigger shells of 100mm or more.
Have only seen one myself in bad condition.

Thanks for all the wonderful input guys. I have this "chinese hat" Russian fuze coming in as part of a trade deal. I had to give up my British WW1 #16 MK1 grenade (like pulling my heart out out) but also with the Russian fuze a surprize piece of ordnance is also being thrown in ( makes me feel like a kid at the fair winning the grabbag) There is only one thing I like better than a surprise piece of ordnance, and that would be a surprise piece of, oops better switch forums. Cheers. Dano