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Russian WW1 "Chinese hat" fuze

Somewhat scarce Russian WW1 30 second fuze. Brass and aluminum Russian fuze, graduated 0 to 30 seconds with 0.2s steps. Cyrillic markings "yD" and "K": characteristic upper hat with its "Chinese hat", where the percussion system rod pierced with a hole for safety pin. Top hole was also an emission hole for the combustion gases emitted by the percussion ignition system. Time and percussion fuze with classic parts, designed in France. The pyrotechnic percussion igniter mechanism, with starter-bearer inertia rod, hitting fixed needle at shot departure. The flame was then communicated to a two-discs time fuzing system, then to the main charge located in the fuze tail. The latter charge could also be ignited at the shot arrival by a classical percussion inertia system located it the tail. This Russian WW1 fuze was used on only "big stuff" (shells 95mm and up). Dano


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Yes this is Russian WW1 30 sec.fuze. The fuze could be used with time delay or used as impact action too. It wasn't used only on "big stuff" bus was used on 76 mm shrapnell projectile too.
Take a look inside, but it's not sure it's the 30 seconds delay.


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Hello! I have in my collection also a Russian igniting fuse with 30 sec. running time, am supposed for 120 mm a shell! see picture. The fuze is to selling or exchanging. Harry


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Hi Harry,
That is a cracking looking looking fuze, must have been tucked away and well looked after for a long time. Most of the Russian fuzes of that type i have seen have a lot of corrosion to the alloy section.
Best Weasel.