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Shamless plug


Ordnance approved
Next weekend I will be taking part in a reenactment of a part of the battle of Monte Cassino. We are doing it to raise funds for the Gurkha Welfare Trust. You are all cordially invited to attend or join in for a small donation. We aim to exceed last years success in raising over 1000. The target is 2000.

The incident we are reenacting commemorates the part played by 1/9th Gurkhas in attacking Hangmans Hill, defended by Germans. We will be climbing Helvellyn in Cumbria, in period kit, carrying deactivated weapons. There will be a base camp in Glenridding where the public can meet more reenactors and hopefully the Brigade of Gurkhas will send some real Gurkhas as they did last year. We have requested a flypast by the Battle of Britain flight who are doing a display nearby at Blackpool but they haven't confirmed yet.

Contact me through PMs if you would like to make a donation, we have link to Justgiving.com so all transactions are safe and attract a tax bonus for online donations.

Pictures from last years event:



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Good luck with the tab,and i hope you reach your target
Out of curiosity how do you find the period uniform compares to modern kit when doing these treks
The only bit of modern kit I used was my Boots, Combat, High. They were well worn in and i didn't fancy clambering over rocks in ammo boots with studs etc. The rest of my kit was reproduction but made of authentic materials. You can't tell from the pics what the weather was like but once we reached the summit the clouds rolled in and it hurled down until we reached base camp. When the Battle Dress got wet it was heavy but still comfortable and helps to keep you warm as it evaporates. I don't think modern kit is as warm (pre S95) but being baggier is easier to wear. One more thing, Battle Dress looks a hell of a lot better too.

in the mid 80s i was issued with the scratchy shirts,i guess these were similar to your ww2 kit,no matter how much you ironed and starched them as soon as they got wet it was like sandpaper rubbing ,
We must have been in at the same time. I had those shirts too, didn't wear them much as I was a Supply Controller and spent much of my time driving a desk in Barrack Dress and a no2 shirt. In that kit I wear a GI shirt that I "acquired" from a yank so that I can open the collar and wear a tie. It's my walking out dress. Normally it would be a collarless shirt but I've never worn one so I can't comment on them.
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