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Small fuze


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A very small unidentified fuze. Markings on the end are: 17 8cm (may not be cm - the 8 is clear but the rest is not) 2/43. It could also be a primer?




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Primer No. ???

Hi, it looks like a modified No16 Mk.3 - if thats any help - your sectioned sample takes a screw thread magazine so it would appear. Check-out dimensions and post, someone will know. Cheers, Ron.
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Doug, How silly of me it looks like a No.12 Mk.4 without the short magazine - used in 40mm. Bofors gun, see what other members think. As ever, Ron.
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Blow Back seal

Definately a Primer,if it is one of the later models it may well be missing its copper "blow back" seal that sits in the tapered section.
See attached


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