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spain and withdrawl symptoms!!



Just checking how the weather is in the UK?
because I'm currently soaking up the sun in spain!!!
I couldnt hep but check out my favorite website,after eventually getting into the hotels wireless internet connection!!!
Just got one more week to go before coming home to Blighty.

Car is going in for a service on monday and I'm back to work on Tues (booo).
So I bid you all farewell and good health and raise a glass (or two) to the brilliant BOCN!!!!
Nice time !

Hi 18 Pounder well you havn't missed much here weather wise-days of pissipitation and really fairly miserable when not pouring.

Really envy you out there supping the liquid nectar and sitting in the sunshine:beer: envious :eviltongue:
:party:well,some neibours from ukraine have rigged a pully system from the 4th floor hotel balcony,so we are passing goodies (mostly alcohol!) between floors!!
Its really nice that regardless of heritage we are getting along as old friends.
I'm having real trouble typing at the moment due to ukranian vodka.
Its a real shame we havent learnt a thing from war yet.
Anyway dont want to get political!! ha ha
besft of washes to all and sunday
18 pissed pounder:party:
Hi there bud,

i will raise a pint of chucklehead to you but i must say that the weather down here in the south east of England has been fine for the last 4 days, amazing that the South of England show wasnt toally saturated for a change.

Aint all that bad here you know.