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Spitfire at Duxford - Nice Picture.


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...Even if I say so myself, I took this on 11th July at Duxfords Annual Flying Legends day.

For Reference, there were 8 Spitfires, 5 Mustangs, 1 P40, 1 ME109 and 1 FW190 all flying....plus a host of other planes, but those are the more famous fighters.

So here's the picture, I hope you like :tinysmile_shy_t:



Great picture, I'm partial to the Warhawk and FW190. I have nothing against the Spitfires (beautiful aircraft), I get out to see the "warbirds" every chance I get. Was in Chino California in 1985 and they had the most beautiful North American P51D Mustang i've seen to date. Corsairs, Hellcats and the whole ball of wax, even a P39 Air Cobra. Chino was known as "Warbird Central" at the time. I don't know if it's changed in the last 20 or so years. Oh yeah, at the time there was a Fokker Eindecker (replica) that was just awesome. I catch any vintage airshows and fly ins that I can make it to. Loads of fun. Dano
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The ME 109 Known as "Black 6" was damaged by Wilfred Canada Brown while he flew with 112 Squadron in the Desert.. Black 6 made it back to it's airfireld but was captured while being repaired..it was sent to the UK and tested, it is now at Duxford.

Wilfred Canada Brown, was my Girlfriends Great Uncle.
He was shot down over Italy in 1943 and has no known Grave.