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Stickers on German Helmets


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How were those stickers made.
Were they water transferable decals, as we have now in model kits, were they painted on aluminium foil and then transfer onto the helmet?
I have found several stories contradicting each other. Can anybody give a clear picture on this small detail??


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It is my understanding that they are water transfer decals but better quality than you would find in a model kit. There are so many repros out there and many people who can age the stuff, beware of any "original" decaled helmet. I would rather buy a cheap shell, decal it myself and not have to worry about the fakes. If you're looking for repro decals try your favourite search engine and type in german helmet decals. Dano
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Hi. Some decals were made as water slides and others had to be glued on. Cheers


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they were generaly applied to the still tacky paint and later a clear top coat just to that area,but not always top coated, waterslide transfers can scrath off with finger nail unlike the method 1st mentioned which is verry durable
Neighbour of mine found a helmet in the river next to his house a couple of years ago, it had been there in the water since they left the village. Although it was just a rusted shell - no liner etc, the remarkable thing was that the heer decal could still be seen - incredible.