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swiss fuze

Hello !

Look to this article : http://www.rfj.ch/rfj/Actualite/Regionale/23808Des-obus-a-Vicques-aujourd-hui-.html (workers found two shells inside a floor).

There is an 75mm swiss shell with his fuze.

Can someone telle me more about this fuze ?


I don't think its Swiss. Looks like a 75 mm shrapnel shell with a powder train time fuze. The nomeclature escapes me at the moment. I would say either British or French, or maybe even U.S. Excellent condition though. If I had found it it would have never made the papers, :xd: it would have gone straight to the training room.
HI TC464

Thank you for your answer, but I'm sure it's a swiss 75 mm 'septante cinq', as they says.

This is another picture of the same fuze


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You are correct Pascal, it is definitely a Swiss 75mm shrapnel shell and fuze. Not sure I have any answers but what else did you want to know about the fuze? BD

I have to say that it is in lovely condition! There are a couple of collectors i know who would love that!
Well done Pascal on a nice find.



I'm looking for id (its name) about this fuze, and I wonder if someone has a diagram.

About this shell and fuze, there aren't mine : I saw the picture in the swiss website, and to know more about this, i went to our museum where I find the same one, but no more informations.

As I hear, it is (very) usual in switzerland.

Bonjour Pascal,
'MDZ fuer St G der 7,5cm Feld Kanone' should help you in your id request...

In full it should read Momentandoppelznder fr Stahl Geschoss der 7,5cm Feld Kanone. The shown fuze has a withdrawn champion (an extension sticking out of the nose of the fuze, wich is secured by a springclip). Needless to inform you that all safeties are gone... and YES it is a Swiss marvel of fine mechanics.

Putting a date on it is a bit more difficult.. should be around 1914.


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