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Today relations with customers and postservice


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I can absolutely legal send next devices in any country next:
1. Containers (any country)
2. Cases (any country)
3. Parcells only and inert grenades (if it visible, drilled, e.t.c) any country
4. Something heads (i so understand - fullmetalls, or parcells too)
But problems may be on your customs.

many devices can be send without problems in UK (Why????). I think UK have more leberalyty law. I think its good.

Thats good news...im going to have to start saving some $$$ and supply you with a "wish list" of goodies.

Mr Borman,
You must strip as much as you can any items that are posted and include a letter stating the items are totally inert and for collectors.
Full name and address of the sender also should be included.
I would triple check the laws in your country as ive stated before in a thread that i nearly lost a lot of money when a deal from russia went very wrong.