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Well we arrived at Twinwood about 8.45 to be greeted by strong wind ,sub zero temp, there were about 20 dealers , ranging from a few items on the floor to dealers in the huts , there was refreshments for those who wanted warming up , cakes and sandwhiches for those brave enough to eat cold food In attendance there were about 50 visitors , on the way out i chatted to one of the organisers who said there is to be another one in October ,Cold weather survival gear to be worn
There were 5 of us representing BOCN
See attached picture taken by Falcon
Members present
2 pounder

Apologies if i made any mistakes my brain is still trying to warm up
No comments about me please im Bloody ugly cold and freezing .not a bomb fuze or Pistol in Site


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Twinwood survival !

Even with the cold weather I bet you still had a good time !

Maybe I will go to the October one ?
Hi Chris
Yes it was very good , i expect to have thawed out by october , the prices were good from what i saw except i saw a record price for a Wireless set 38 (Manpack) ww2 at 350 i used to buy these brand new in waterproof packaging in lyle Street London for 5
That dates me
looks like you having good time,,im back at work next week so providing i can save a bit of cash, in a few months ill have a meeting with bolo and see about getting some bocn badges made up
Hi Allan
Funny we talking about that this morning , it would be good to get something visual, i can get my business cards stamped on the back with BOCN member.
Good luck with next week , back at work , hope all goes well .
It was a good trip out, although I ended up coming back with something a bit bigger than I anticipated:

A British 6 Inch Mark 5 Naval case:

yep i can vouch for the size i had to drop the back seat of the car to get it home .
Nice one lads! :)

Great to see a meet happening.I met up with old spott today,good to see he was in fine spirits again.
Nice pick up Falcon,i hope your blackhead gets better soon? :xd:


too late falcon

btw thats a nice big cartridge


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Yep it was very cold but did manage to sell some bits, meet people and put faces to names. I would say mainly people were selling US kit and jeep parts but Quartermasters Stores chap was there and there was some ammo. Now I know who bought the 6in case, good price they were up to 100 a few years ago. I pciked up a solid iron 4in FA practice shot in need of a bit of tlc.
That's a great case Falcon, I've seen a few of those over the years and been very tempted, are you going to get a projectile for it too??!!
So what now? Are you going to go for some of the ultra large German cases?

It was a good trip out, although I ended up coming back with something a bit bigger than I anticipated:

A British 6 Inch Mark 5 Naval case:

I liked that case because it was a British one. As for the Ultra Large German cases, I would like to, but no room! (Also cost is an issue as with anything German).

The case just looks like an impressive beast standing in the corner.
incase your interested this is what the british 6 inch projectile looks like with it fitted on the case its a big old beast when its complete please ignore the german projectile in the picture i bought them both at the same time and took some pics of them when i got home so just thought i would use the pics to show you the british 6 inch cheers

from bazooka chris


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Great to meet you all yesterday and put faces to names.

Picked up a few bits, but what caught my eye was a French 25mm HMG round (am i right there 2pr) Made by Manurhin, France in 1939 it is identical to a Rarden round (apart from the top half of course) Hmmm and who supplied BMARCo with Rarden cases before we started to manufacture our own, Manurhin! Going to take some looking into but i suspect we might have the origins of the Rarden round.

Got to go and order a load of polo shirts to be embroidered for the shooting team today, will ask for a quote for badges.

6in round

Bazooka Chris perhaps you can answer this, the case appears to be seperate loading having a screw cap to blank it off, was the shell the same as the standard WW2 type or was a new mark produced to suit this case and gun combination? Ta