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U az 23/28


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Looking for information on this fuze. We are assuming the U is for training (although I have yet to find a solid refrence for this), but have not seen anything on the AZ 23/28. Anything provided would be of help.




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There are a number of things about this fuze which indicates the "U" is a post war addition.

  1. I can see some etching marks further up towards the nose of the fuze.
  2. There is a hole drilled in the side, just on the spanner groove.
So my point is as there has been other additional marks to the item it is likely the U has been added later.

U (for Unterricht) is a typical Bunderswehr marking for educational ammo.


Thank you, we were certain it was training but have never recieved any information as such. The makings you see are inert holes. This is a museum piece and was inerted by the military.
U can also mean UNTERRICHT, i hope i write it oke, this means that the fuze could be used for in the school, it looks like the fuze has been redone, i still believe that the U can be used during the war, Ben
There are a large number of Nose fuzes in the AZ series yours was made by Rheinmetall at their Sommerda plant in 1940, after the war large stocks were sold to Norway (Ben should be able to confirm this !) and were often remarked or extra marks added

Hello! This stamp was later attached!! The company Rheinmetall provided its fuzes with a machine marking. Not like to see by hand. This fuze has to do also nothing with a training course model. This stamp is Fantacy :thumpdown: Harry

This is interesting ... we have seen many of the fuzes in the museum stamped that way ... all with Red U before the nomenclature. We thought it was signifigant , but I guess we were wrong.

Thanks for the information.

Hello together,
I have several different German WWII nose and base fuzes which are stamped with a red "U" in front of the fuze nomenclature. They are definitely made during WWII or shortly after for training purposes (EOD). All the internal parts are in it with an inert made primer and an inert black powder pellet in its base (on the nose fuzes). No energetic compounds are found in these fuzes, but every detailed parts are in them. The "U" stamping is in most cases not done during manufacturing but later on, but none of these has the type of "hand" stampings like in your example. The fuzes in my collection are exact straight and clean stamped in front of the fuze nomenclature stampings.
Mrfuze, USA