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Unknown British(?) 2Pdr Fuze Identification


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The DA Percussion fuze in the yellow projectile below has been sitting in my collection for years. Can someone identifying it for me please? The second image shows it alongside a No121 and, as can be seen in the first image, it fits the 2Pdr HE projectile just as well as the No121. It has no markings and is made of brass. Your thoughts are appreciated!


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Oups, little mistake for your yellow 2Pdr
This fuse is for 1.57in Trench mortar WW1 (little apple toffee) type small, not for artillerie! I don't know the N; I'm going to search
Fuse time N121 when it's stamping on, is for 2Pdr
Same fuzes time, no stamping number are N122 and 123 for TM WW1, 1.57 in type medium and Vickers
This fuze have a long gaine screwing under the base (same for your percusion fuze), 121 have no gaine, it's look like the same but not for 2Pdr
I join you a photo of this percussion fuze up on Apple toffee (middle),it is in metal, on the other hand I know nothing of this fuze except that she must be made by Vickers. If somebody could give some explanation or better diagrams, it would be appreciated.
Down is a No 123 the same of No121 and up is a No 27 (conversion of a No 65 A for Toffe Apple)

Thank you for advance
Jean Paul