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Unknown US Style Electronic Artillery Fuze



The attached picture shows this artillery fuze. I believe it to be manufactured by a European factory and made to the standard US fuze design for modern, medium/large caliber artillery shells. I think it is an late 20th century electronic time delay fuze. However, there are no markings on it. I would appreciate any info on its function and origin. -Rick


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Hi Rick, the plastic ogive looks very similar to the Nina fuze, made by Phillips UST in the Netherlands. They produced a lot of electronic time and VT fuzes for other countries.
I can't say more about it, I don't know this fuze.
Mrfuze, USA
Unknown US style electronic artillery fuze...

Hello Rick, It's been a while since we've talked. I have an identical fuze as yours except that the polymer ogive is black. It has the following inscribed by the fuze wrench channels: EXCNB NR 160 and PUE 85. I hope this information is of some assistance. Best regards, Randy
It LOOKS like a spinn-off of the Nina Proximity Fuze produced by Philips, Netherlands.
See attached montage for details.
The Nr. 160 is the Exercise version, for training time-setting with the apparatus T169
The Nr. 169 is the live version.

Some details like the ballistic-cap shape do not match the Philips type.
The colour of the epoxy should be black (dark grey) on both models
The epoxy nose should be flat according Dutch tech papers.

I think you have a Nr.169 spinn-off, but no paper-proof.


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Adding some information on the NINA..

I must correct my previous posting regarding me writing spinn-off, it is more likely that the Nr.169-Nr.160 is a more recent version of your Proxi fuze.

According papers it was introduced to the Netherlands Army in 1989 for use on;
120mm Rotation stabelised Mortar rounds.
155mm Howitser projectiles
8 Inch Howitser projectiles

The Nr.169-Nr.160 replaced the fuzes Nr.164, Nr.164C1, Nr.166 and Nr.168.

Hope this will get you to reliable information in your quest.
And a snapshot of a NINA (on the left projectile) mounted on the 120mm rotation stabelised Dutch Mortar round.


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I think I have a training version of this mortar?