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USA M6 Combination Firing device


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USA M6 firing combination firing device ,designed for firing explosives by either pressure or trip wire,can be used with a variety of devices but more commonly known for its use in M2A1 M2A2 and M2A3 anti personell mines.The photos show one i received today,,these dont appear to be strippable,if someone knows how please let me know as id like to make it a cutaway
drawing of device
Hi spot,if you pull both pins and the spring is under tension it will partially dissasemble itself ,mine did and nearly hit me! put in a towel first. Tony.
Thanks Tony, i have found some more tech drawings of the same type of fuze labeled as M7s ad M10s they look identical can anyone explain the difference if any,,,

heres another image of the device in situ

forgot to ask Tigbrand ,,once its come apart is it easy enough to get back together