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VS-5 (WS-5) self-destruct nose fuze, USSR


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Here is an image of the VS-5 (cyrill.: BC-5) self-destruct nose fuze, used currently by former USSR forces for shooting various caliber "live" ammunition on limited ranges.
(f.e. in Germany on some of the formerly Russian used military shooting ranges)
Mrfuze, USA


  • VS-5 SD-fuze, 2, USSR.JPG
    VS-5 SD-fuze, 2, USSR.JPG
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Hi Erhard
Does that mean the setting time to destruct is a lot shorter than normal if thats possible?
No Steve,
the SD-mechanism is activated when the projectile is fired. There are 2 primers, which will move back due to setback against 2 needles. The flames of the 2 activated primers ignite a powder train delay compound, which, after burning, will set off the detonator and booster charge of the fuze. There is no time adjustment.
Mrfuze, USA