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VT fuzes


Well-Known Member
Hi All, i am looking for drawings and information of WW2 british VT fuze
Which type ?

Hi Icn there are a fair few of these fuzes, do you have any particular numbers in mind !
And when you say VT are you looking for "Pyrotechnic" time fuzes or "Mechanical" time fuzes or "Electronic" time fuzes ???
Merci Chris
I look for information only of the VT electronic artillery fuzes ( proximity fuzes) I have some numbers of Spotter list ( N 711X2 N 712X6 ...)
I find information only about US fuzes .
Jean Paul
Sorted !

Hi Icn just thought that your request was bit general and neede to be defined so those that can help will know what it is you are after.
Good luck in your search for that information.