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Watford arms fair



Visited Watford arms fair this morning a few grenade ink wells seen , plus a few ww1 shell fuzes type 101e? and a few 80,s . nothing in bomb fuzes at all .
Met Clive 2pounder who looked very smart wearing his BOCN sweater in the car park, and after a chat i dissapeared to Tescos,(!well every little helps !) apart from that their female staff are much more attractive at Watford.

Well just had to wear my new BOCN sweatshirt, can recomend them, good value for money. Also saw some French 37mm / 1pr rounds and a well trench arted cut about 1pr case with strange markings that included No.3. there was an 18pr mkI case with crimping marks but little else of interest to me. Bought nought. 2pr