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What a giggle (came third)


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Press Release

The Beds, Herts and Cambs Land Rover club run a number of Tyro trials through the summer. These are fun, safe non damaging events designed as a confidence boost for novice off-roaders and an opportunity for younger drivers to get behind the wheel.

Tyro trials tend to attract a different sort of vehicles from the club's normal RTV's, mostly shiny family 'cars' the odd non-Land Rover and the occasional hybrid.

Well, the hybrid that turned up at the Whitwell event in September left the scrutineer scratching his head, what was the wheelbase? was it even a four wheel drive? and from the marshal's perspective if some of the vehicle inadvertently went backwards when it turned was that a stop?

The hybrid in question was a road legal 'Sabre' CVR(T) (Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance - Tracked) In short a little tank. Fortunately a little tank with a big fuel tank, 500 litres to be precise, just as well as in pursuit of a trophy, owner/driver Charlie Unwin sucked 80 litres of petrol through the Jaguar 4.2 litre 6 cylinder engine to get the 8130 kg vehicle through the event.

Charlie drove superbly and with the able assistance of navigator Colin Hayden, and the long queue of keen stand in navvies came third overall. Full credit must go to the navigators as the driver has very limited visibility.

As part of the UK MoD's CVR(T) rationalisation programme in 1995 both the tracked 'Scorpion' with its 76mm gun and the wheeled 'Fox' with its 30mm Rarden Cannon were withdrawn from service and a hybrid vehicle - Sabre was produced. Essentially the Sabre consists of the older 'Scorpion' (light tank) chassis fitted with the turret of a wheeled 'Fox' reconnaissance vehicle. Just over 100 Sabres were ever produced, if it had been a Land Rover it would probably have been badged as a 'Scorpion Classic'

Charlie is trying to gather information on the history of the Sabre as the MOD record card for it was lost when they changed over to the computerised database. What is known is that whilst it was a Scorpion it was delivered from Alvis to Central Vehicle Depot Ludgershall on 10.04.73 and on 10.05.73 went to 14/20 Hussars Royal Armoured Core BAOR and from there served with The Life Guards BAOR 13.05.75. It is believed that it served with the Queens Own Yeomanry as a Sabre, but this has yet to be confirmed. Other than that the history is a little on the sparse side.

Photo's attached, more pics and video will be available at www.bhclrc.co.uk

Russ Brown

Beds, Herts and Cambs Land Rover Club
Press and Promotions officer - www.bhclrc.co.uk

VIDEO - [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFlaU-i119E"]YouTube- Bhclrc Tyro[/ame]

Cheers mate. Any way of letting me add pdf files as i'm having problems in 'projectiles' with 21 pdfs ?! help