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World Cup dated Mills!!


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Hi Lads,
Werent sure where to put this one??
A pal of mine has a couple of 1966 dated Mills grenades with '65 dated 'inner' parts. (I dont know naff all about Mills,sorry)
Could you please furnish me on what you think they are worth apiece please? :)


Sorry goth,
He phoned me tonight saying he is taking them to Leeds show this Sunday.


Hey, didnt know i was a Goth, no black beads n makeup etc. Might look quite horrific though n that i can accept, 'fangs' aint what they used to be though.

If they are in good nick, which ime sure they are then they will be worth good money but its all up to market forces at a show. Maybe Specialist would be a better bet.

Cheers anyway mate,i think he was just after a guestimation as to what to put them on the stall for.



later Mills grens are quite rare so should command a premium, probably do better to put them on SA however to sell at a show, perhaps 100. can always come down. That said, i have a 1972 one ime thinking of selling and will want quite a bit more than that for it.