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WW1 German Dopp Z 92 double effect fuse

Hi all, I would like to find out about just how common this fuse is. I have a 15cm WW1 German shrapnel nose cone with the fuse. A 10cm HE for the 1904/1914/1917 field gun has just appeared on specialist auctions and it also has the Dopp Z92 double effect fuse on it. I know it is a really common fuse as they appeared to be used on many different shells. That 10cm shell on specialist is just awesome. Dano
Hi dano

Hi Dano there are some different typs of the C92 Fuze on the fuze there are some different marks stamped in pls post this marks to find out wich typ of c92 do you have !!

Thanks David
Dopp Z92

Hi Dave, thanks for response. First the fuse that is not on the nose cone

next the fuse atop the relic 15cm shrapnel nose cone

Hi Dave, forgot to add pics. Dano


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take a look Dano

pls check is there a sign stamped in N.F that means ,,neue Form ,,in english new Form ??
I can not make out this on your pics !!

Regards David
Dopp Z92 fuse

Hi Dave, On the fuse not attached to the nose cone there are a series of dots in a rectangular pattern 9 dots high and 6 dots wide and stamped on bottom is C5 13, I'm not sure what you are looking for but these are the only other markings I see. The fuse on the nose cone is pretty "cacked" so I can't tell if there are other markings or not. Dano
ok Dano

yes ok Dano no Problem the right one is in realz good conditons i also have now some of this C 92 !
One is showing on my 15 cm shell in the other thread !!

Regards David

Hi Dave, I really appreciate your help as it means alot to me. Thankyou so much. BTW that 15cm shell is awesome. there is no way I could get a big shell like that over here as it would cost a small fortune to ship. Dano
yes dano

yes dano you are welcomme !
This feller were i bought this have another shell case the down part it will fit together with your top part for sale realy cheap but the shippin is a big problem i believe !!!

Regards David
German big stuff

Oh Dave, how I wish I could get a BIG German shell of WW1 but shipping would be too prohibitive. A lot of the stuff here was Vet bring backs from the war and obviously Big shells were not a hot ticket item. It's almost crazy collecting what I do living where I do, but I just love it. Some of the stuff I will just have to be happy seeing photos or in a museum. Those pics posted the other day with the big airplane bombs just made me drool!! I was lucky to get the 15cm nose cone (relic) as I got it froma militaria dealer here in the US and shipping was only 11.00. Oh well, I could go on and on but I would just get sad. I think I was born to live in Europe as seeing some of the old WW1 trench lines and visiting WW1 battlefields is a dream i've had for many years. You are lucky i'd say.......Dan
Dano realy i can understand you

i dont know how to say it but i think your collection is from one sight much more higher to respekt because you live so far away from the old battlefields and you have so many nice stuff .
i say a lot of things to get for me here in europe is so easy i only drive to the next exebition ore to the old battelfields and get this stuff !
The first trenches are not more than 200 km away from my home its hart to hear for you i believe it !!
But realy when you need pics ore any help maybe of small items to arange or to send to you let me know i will help you !!

Best Regards David
Hi Dano,
There are several variants of this fuze - DoppZ92, DoppZ92 f.10cm K(for 10cm gun), Doppz92 K15(for 1915 gun), DoppZ92 lg.Brlg(long burning-40seconds),DoppZ92n.F(new shape) and DoppZ92 lg Brlg n.F.
Hi Richard

Thanks i was searching the typ of fuzes of the c 92 but i dont find all !!!

Regards David